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Thank you for visiting our site. We exist to help you participate fully in doing that which is important to you in your life. We want you to live life your way with can-do-confidence! We are here to work together with you in closing the gap between what you can do and what you want to do.

Our facilities are convenient and comfortable. Our services are effective and affordable. Our expert staff is friendly, encouraging, and non-judgmental. They are eager to put their know-how and experience to work for you with just the right blend of high-tech science and high-touch caring.

Our clients seek a personalized course of treatment and training, and that is exactly what they get. There are no one-size-fit-all protocols here. Each person has their own unique challenges, opportunities, and possibilities. We celebrate that uniqueness, and it is precisely at that point of uniqueness that we begin our work together. We will answer your questions with straight talk and actively address your concerns – all of them.


  • When I started at Focus, I was in extreme pain and could barely walk. And was a non-swimmer with a long time fear of deep water.

    Today I am fairly pain free & have started to swim. I miss you all and there is no place like FOCUS… thank you so much (and yes Julian I have been doing my exercises.)

    - Jolie H
  • I used a crutch when I first started, it was difficult to put my left foot down without worrying that my new hip would not support it.  Now I am walking 2-3 miles around the lake and have resumed all normal activity!  I started 3 weeks after surgery and it is now 10 weeks.  A week from this Friday I leave for France… I feel truly prepared.  Thank You!

    - Nada A
  • I was unable to perform many simple household and personal tasks due to shoulder pain.  The range of motion in my right arm was rapidly deteriorating.  Pain in my shoulder and arm was the worst at night causing hours of sleeplessness.  After therapy, the pain at night is gone.  My range of motion is nearly back to normal.  My arm and shoulder strength continue to improve.

    - Linda M
  • When I first started I was very apprehensive towards Physical Therapy. I’m a man’s man so P.T. was out of the question. I’d rather just go to the gym on my own. After going to the first appointment I feel relief & movement in my shoulder. Over the next 8 weeks, I steadily saw improvement & strength in my arm. I was advised of several different exercises, stretches and bool down routines that I could perform at home.

    - Jonathan R
  • I was in EXTREME pain when I first started physical therapy.  After working with Julian on the neuropathy in my legs, I feel the pain level is much better now.  I feel that THE ASTYM SYSTEM really helped a lot.  I couldn’t stay in bed at night due to the pain before ASTYM was tried on me, now I stay in bed all night.  That’s a huge improvement for me.  I still have neuropathy  but it was much worse before physical therapy.  I would recommend ASTYM and FOCUS to anyone with neuropathy.

    - Barbara M
  • When I first started physical therapy at Focus, I was unable to walk without a brace and was unable to put weight on my right foot without help. Now I am able to run and walk on my own without any help or support. My ankle feels better than it did before the injury occurred. Thank you!

    - Mark B
  • “When I came to Focus PT I was experiencing a lot of pain on my right side – neck to knee. My hip flexors were on fire and incredibly tight. That region of my body is the most improved. Before I came to Focus, walking was difficult – I felt a lot of resistance in the hip area. Now walking is relatively pain free. What I like the most about Focus is their philosophy on movement. The exercises given are designed to strengthen forward and lateral movements. I do feel more flexible now. My therapist, Ming, truly wanted me to feel better and tried to address all my issues. “

    - Judith F.
  • “When I started PT at Focus, my lower back was in pretty bad shape. Gold and retirement activities seemed to aggravate my condition which has been diagnosed as a degenerative disk. Julian started PT on me and within days I was able to function without a constant pain and it literally changed my life! My condition won’t disappear, but I can now live my life without that nagging pain which was there all the time. My experience here at Focus was an A+.
    P.S. The staff is excellent too, friendly and knowledgeable! Thank you!”

    - Ruth Anne M.
  • “I came to focus during an episode of extreme lower back pain. It was so bad that I could barely get in and out of bed. I couldn’t tie my own shoes and driving a car was impossible. My entire upper body was dramatically shifted in compensation. After my very first appointment… I already started feeling relief… I made more improvement than I thought was possible. My back pain is largely gone and I have learned plenty of exercises and techniques for preventing future injury. I’m incredibly thankful that I found Focus PT and was able to get my life back.”

    - Sean Harding
  • “Focus PT helped my back pain tremendously. I could not bend backwards at all and felt radiating pain down my left leg from pretty much anything. Daniel and Julian helped release the pain and my back pain is pretty much gone. The stretches and massages helped drastically. I appreciate all the help and would definitely recommend Focus PT.”

    - Jackie Novida

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