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Welcome Message from Julian


About Us

Thank you for visiting our site. We exist to help you participate fully in doing that which is important to you in your life. We want you to live life your way with can-do-confidence! We are here to work together with you in closing the gap between what you can do and what you want to do.

Our facilities are convenient and comfortable. Our services are effective and affordable. Our expert staff is friendly, encouraging, and non-judgmental. They are eager to put their know-how and experience to work for you with just the right blend of high-tech science and high-touch caring.

Our clients seek a personalized course of treatment and training, and that is exactly what they get. There are no one-size-fit-all protocols here. Each person has their own unique challenges, opportunities, and possibilities. We celebrate that uniqueness, and it is precisely at that point of uniqueness that we begin our work together. We will answer your questions with straight talk and actively address your concerns – all of them.

Our approach is based on function, not ‘simply standard protocols’ or mindless tradition. We carefully assess where you currently stand and how you stand to gain, then shape a path to get you to where you want to go. We will close the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

We will work closely with your physician to communicate and coordinate your care.

We promise to give you our best effort and ask only that you give yourself the same.

Helping you better yourself is what inspires us and we would like to be a part of your success.

Our Team

Helping you better yourself is what inspires us and we would like to be a part of your success.

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  • When I started at Focus, I was in extreme pain and could barely walk. And was a non-swimmer with a long time fear of deep water.

    Today I am fairly pain free & have started to swim. I miss you all and there is no place like FOCUS… thank you so much (and yes Julian I have been doing my exercises.)

    - Jolie H
  • I used a crutch when I first started, it was difficult to put my left foot down without worrying that my new hip would not support it.  Now I am walking 2-3 miles around the lake and have resumed all normal activity!  I started 3 weeks after surgery and it is now 10 weeks.  A week from this Friday I leave for France… I feel truly prepared.  Thank You!

    - Nada A
  • I was unable to perform many simple household and personal tasks due to shoulder pain.  The range of motion in my right arm was rapidly deteriorating.  Pain in my shoulder and arm was the worst at night causing hours of sleeplessness.  After therapy, the pain at night is gone.  My range of motion is nearly back to normal.  My arm and shoulder strength continue to improve.

    - Linda M



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